Essay About Friendship

Tips You are required to write the essay about friendship, but the topic seems to be broad and at the same time widely investigated that you simply get lost in what you exactly are to do. Dont worry, using our recommendations and tips it wont be a problem to make this task not only easy but pleasant also! Enjoy!

Define the Meaning

Among a wide variety of life phenomena friendship is one that accompanies us throughout our entire lives. But have you ever thought what friendship is? That is what you should start your essay with. Do not pretend to be a scientist, just write what the very notion of friendship for you is. What images do in your mind arise when you think about it? Bright and pleasant or sad and obscure? You may reflect answers on these questions here, in your essay, making it a bright sample of journal writing.

Reflect Your Insights

Friends substitute our family, especially when you are far from them, thats why forming strong friendship relations is one of the most important and vitally necessary life aspects. Do you agree with this statement? Make it the main idea of your essay and briefly present it in the introduction. Do not place too much details about the body of the composition here, though at the same time its purpose should be clearly reflected. State whether you have/havent drawn the conclusions leaving out the facts. That is why you should ask yourself some personal questions such as: How do I feel about friendship?,Does this notion affect me and how, if it does?,If I feel nothing about this, why?. These questions, or it would be more appropriate to say the answers on these questions will help you to reflect your insights. Concentrate and avoid getting limited with these three questions, explore yourself.

Support Your Controlling Ideas

Having got the guide for writing the rest of your reflection, focus on ideas that support your controlling thesis. Devoting a separate paragraph to each of the arguments, use your personal observations, experience, describe life situations connected with all kinds of feelings and emotions, in other words do your best to make your point of view well-supported. Play with methods; having stated something, for example friendship is vitally necessary in life of every human being, start an abrupt confirming of what you have written. Alter previous questions in a reaffirming way, like you want to prove the authenticity of answers stated above: this how I really feel about friendship, this the actual way friendship affects me, if it affects at all?. Express what you really feel about friendship. If you think that friends are those people who will never let you down, prove that point of view supplying examples. If your experience shows that friends are those who can do nothing but laugh and make jokes when you are in trouble, be persuasive in your arguments.

One way or another, write down what you really think about the problem, because stating something that is far from you contradicts with the very idea of the essay we are going to write. Follow our instructions and you will be satisfied with the result! Good luck!

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