Essay on pollution prompt: Writing Tutorial

Environmental pollution is the problem that is often given as the topic of the essay. Sometimes it can be quite hard to discuss it, as there are lots of essays that where written earlier. However, do not be disappointed. Below you can find the essay on pollution that can be a guide for any of your further essays on this topic.

Essay on Pollution

One of the biggest menaces to the human beings on our planet is environmental pollution. Pollution is adding impurity into our environment that consists of air, earth, water, animals and plants. Their pollution means that the risk for humankind existence increases a lot.

Lets discuss briefly the problems that endanger our life:

Cutting down the trees is not the best that could have happened to the Earth. The trees that are the guarantee of our fresh and clear air disappear and there is nothing else that can protect us from carbon dioxide. Breathing impure air can be a reason of many diseases and can even cause the death.

The development of the industrial sector is very good for the economy. However the damage it causes to the environment is big. Industries and automobiles discharge the smoke that pollutes the air. This smoke consists of the poisonous gases that can cause lung cancer, tuberculosis and other diseases that can end up with the death of a person.
Global warming is caused by the growth of average temperature in the countries. This environmental process is extremely dangerous for the countries that are situated close to the water sources such as oceans and seas. Because the temperature increases, glaciers star melting and the sea level increases. It can cause flooding of the countries or even continents. Also, it can end up in our Earth becoming a boiling pan and turning into a desert within some period.

Essay on pollution prompt

One more problem is garbage emitting. The population of the Earth growth. At the same time growth the amount of garbage thrown away every day. In spite of the high level of technological and not only development of the humankind, the humanity do not know any practical ways of utilizing the garbage. Because of it our water sources are polluted with garbage and there even exist some garbage islands that are situated in the middle of the oceans.

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Sound pollution is not taken seriously nowadays, though this pollution is not less dangerous. The sounds of cars, motorcycles, trains and underground are too harsh for our hearing organs. Initially, we were not created to hear so loud sound; therefore, constant city sound can affect our power of hearing greatly.

Water pollution is one more subject people should be worried about. Tons of dangerous biological wasted and chemicals pollute the water every day. The problem is that harmful wastes are discharged into rivers and seas by mills and factories. The situation with water pollution is so terrible that, in some rivers, the water is forbidden for usage, as it can kill people. But even if people do not drink the water from these rivers, they eat the fish that grew there and which is not healthy at all.

Day after day the air we breathe, the land that produces vegetables, fruits and crops and the water become more impure. Along with the pollution that increases, the chances to have a good health and live many years decreases. Bad environment causes bad health. There is almost no need to cure some health problems if the reason that causes them not only continues existing, but increases a lot. Environment pollution has become extremely serious menace to the existence of humankind.

First of all people should realize the danger that grows every day. To improve the situation we should plant more trees for absorbing impure air. Special equipment for water purification should be created and used within every water source. Factories should find appropriate ways of waste utilizing. Government should make the laws about environmental protection stricter and keep an eye on those who have already broke them.

Nowadays, the situation with environmental pollution is quite bad, but it can be improved. The only thing which is needed is environment friendly people and desire to save our planet.

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